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Our Team


SMARTdocs Transcription Services is an Australian based company and has typists in every state and territory in Australia. If you have an urgent job we can handle it by using our ex-pat Australian typists who work in different time zones across the globe.



Our daily administrators – Laura and Lisa – are the experts you’ll deal with on a regular basis. They manage the workflow, listening to and assessing the files loaded on to our website, allocating them to the most suitable typist and answering all phone and email enquiries. Norma is your contact for all account queries, including invoicing and payments.



All our typists – or transcribers – have exceptional typing skills and an extremely good command of English and grammar. They also have ears that can really “listen”, because people don’t speak in smooth, flowing sentences. They stop and start, talk over each other, speak in different ways and with different accents, so our typists must be highly skilled.

We try to match each audio file with the transcriber best suited to that particular file, for example, strong accents, background noise, Q&A or focus groups. We have many excellent transcribers, and a few who can work miracles with complex audio files.



Our typists are backed up by our team of experienced editors, who proof all SMARTdocs transcripts. The editor’s role is to check the typist has followed instructions correctly and then to review the audio at every timestamp (see FAQs for more on time stamps). Editors don’t review the entire document, but we can arrange this for an extra charge.


Call us any time if you have any more queries, or fill out our enquiry form to get started today.

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