If you are considering engaging a professional transcription service and weighing up paying a local, Australian based company over a cheaper international service, here are a few things you should take into account other than the bottom line.

Language accuracy

Whether you are requiring a transcription service for interviews, dictations, medical notes, business meetings or academic reports an accurate transcription is essential.  Engaging a foreign transcription team may provide you with a transcript in English, but the words and/phases may not be correctly applied.  Those who are not native English speakers often present a transcript with more errors due to the language and cultural differences costing you more time correcting errors that can make the financial savings not worth it in the long run.


When you work with a locally based transcription service, you have more chance of working with a reliable, professional team focused on producing quality deliverables.  Particularly if you have a short deadline, engaging an Australian company reduces the chance of incurring potential problems such as language, payments, time differences and poor quality work.  You can also feel more at ease, an Australian transcription service will generally provide a confidential service guaranteeing your data is secure and your information is kept private.

Save on time

The overall cost of engaging a foreign transcription service may be appealing, but it may end up costing you more in the long run if their transcribers are not as efficient as the Australian based company using Australian transcribers. Our Australian typists have a greater understanding of Australian businesses, culture and the vernacular which is essential in producing faster, more accurate transcriptions. We can provide qualified,  experienced transcriptionists and editors and this will ensure you receive an exceptional level of accuracy with a fast turnaround.

Superior customer service

Outsourcing your transcription projects to an Australian based company not only means you are engaging the services of professionals, but you can feel comfortable you will receive superior customer service.  It is a lot easier to get in touch with a local business than a business from a foreign country due to communication limitations, time differences and distance.  An Australian transcription service can provide you with peace of mind and any problems or time limitations can be resolved quickly and not impact on quality and delivery of the end product.

The value of paying for a local qualified and experienced transcription service not only means you will receive accurate documents of uncompromising quality, you will also be supporting your local economy and have a greater chance of developing a long term business relationship.  The initial quotation may not be as cheap as the foreign business, but the accuracy, professional service and expertise will save you time and hassle proving fruitful at the end of the day.


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