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Secure, modern, accurate, reliable transcripts are essential to all our clients.

SMARTdocs delivers all this and more. Established in 2001, we are 100% Australian-owned, and take great pride in providing you with the smarter choice in audio transcription.

Our Australian typists understand references to our organisations, culture and colloquial vernacular (this is vitally important for faster, more accurate transcripts). We choose the best typist in our team for every audio file you upload, to best serve more difficult files such as focus groups, non-Aussie accents, industry jargon, medical and legal dictation, etc.

SMARTdocs is a preferred supplier for major organisations and over 30 universities nationwide, with very strong, long-lasting relationships with many clients who trust us as an extension of their own business. Our 80+ team grows every month – so from all of us here at SMARTdocs, thank you!



SMARTdocs Transcription Services has built up an impressive 3,000+ client list since 2001.

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