Monday, April 21, 2014


How to avoid poor quality audio

Better quality recordings: just follow these steps 

We receive hundreds of files every week at SmartDocs Transcription Services – some are crystal clear and some are very poor quality. Clear recordings are obviously faster and easier to transcribe, and result in the most accurate transcripts.

Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure your recorder settings are correct, then do a test run. Use your recorder under the actual conditions then play back – don’t simply speak a few words into the recorder at close range. 
  2. Use an external microphone for multiple voices – they can make a huge difference in audio quality and all speakers can be heard clearly.
  3.  Small rooms are better than large ones. Background noise such as street traffic, paper shuffling or a radio or TV can really impact on recording quality.  
  4. If speakers have strong accents, ask them to speak slowly and clearly. Repeat their answers if they are indistinct. 
  5. Feel free to send us your first audio file and ask our opinion about the quality. More tips are here: Tips for recording.
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